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Exterior Steam Wash + VacuumExterior  Washing
Washing exterior surfaces is the backbone of a good detail. Cleaning the exterior allows you to clearly see the paint condition and any hidden damage. A clean surface is required prior to claying, buffing, polishing, and waxing.

Before you begin washing your vehicle, it's important to know the difference between Auto Magic's two premium car wash products.

The first product, Cherry Bubble 36-5  is a pH balanced high suds shampoo designed for deep cleaning exterior vehicle surfaces that may not be cleaned regularly.

Wash & Wax Concentrate works best on paint finishes that are cleaned regularly. It is formulated with optical brighteners that enhance the vehicles surface while you wash the surface of the car.

Car Polishing Car Polishing
Many people assume that polishing and waxing are the same. But, the two are different processes. Properly cleaning and polishing makes a world of difference to the outcome and gloss duration of the paint.

Waxing over surfaces that need polishing or compounding will only create a temporary gloss. Polishing actually deep cleans the paint by removing oxidation, scratches, spotting, old wax, swirl marks, and other minor paint defects. Polishes work with abrasives and/or chemical cleaners to flatten, or level, the surface.

Waxing with waxes, polymers, and/or paint sealants provide an extra level of paint protection while yielding a high gloss finish.

Remove all fine scratches, water marks, oxidation, hologram, swirl marks and smoothen the paint surface and gives a long last high-gloss finish.

Car WaxingCar Waxing
There are many different types of waxes ranging from carnauba waxes, to synthetic sealants, to highly advanced polymers.

 Determining which of these to use is a matter of personal preference.
Some people prefer the ease and quickness of a liquid spray-on polymer such as #69 Hydro Shine®, while others like the extra long lasting durability of a hard paste wax such as #15 E-Z Wax Paste®. Follow the guidelines below for proper waxing.

Leather & Faric Seats TreamentLeather & Fabric Cleaning
Cleaning the interior should always be performed on the vehicle before washing the exterior.

This will eliminate water getting into a dirty interior, causing "muddy" more difficult cleaning.
Interior care consists of: de-trashing, vacuuming, cleaning, dressing and vinyl/leather conditioning.  

Set up a vacuum cleaner, a stiff brush, a pre-spotter, and a trash can. The following procedures will save time, money and extra work.

Remove Acid RainRemove Acid Rain & Glass Coating
Glass Coating provides a clear, protective coating over glass to keep windshields cleaner and clearer.

 The coating is resistant to wiper blades and outlasts ordinary glass sealants. Glass Coating improves driver visibility in all weather conditions.

IMG_0258a.jpgEngine Cleaning
Cleaning under the hood is a task many people don't do mainly because they haven't been properly trained to do so.

Follow the steps below to clean your engine like it's never been cleaned before! Never use solvent based cleaners on the engine. These can cause fires.

Use caution when brushing around delicate engine parts and hoses. Always use protective eyewear when cleaning the engine area.
P4271077.jpgCar Paint Protection Coating
 Paint coating is a clear resin coating, much like the clear coat that already exists on your vehicle.

And just like your factory clear coat, paint coating is meant to be permanent! Paint coating can be applied to all exterior surfaces.

It is not recommended for glass since improper application can affect visibility. For other exterior surfaces, paint coating is a highly effective, transparent protective coating.